Where is God: Nabor, part II

Our Mission here in the town of Muelle de los Buelles  and in the community of La Gorra in the Church Perpectuo Socorro is coming to an end.  Spending these past 5 days with the community has been a true blessing.  Coming up to them as complete strangers but ending the week with tears in their eyes is astonishing. Seeing how close one can become to a community with simply helping in the renovation of their church, listening to their thoughts and their day can really make a difference. In between the laughs from joking around, nicknames to each other and the different  slangs between the same language. We also worked together, digging trenches around the new walls and the demolition of old walls. Bonding together, not just as Latinos but as brother and sisters in Christ. Together building the walls of our universal church, literal and spiritual. As well as with my fellow missioners, bonding with them through breakfast after mass every morning to playing soccer with the kids from the block in the afternoons. I came with a personal mission on this trip, to make a couple of smiles, and thanks to God’s Love that was a complete success. I take this back to Dallas and so much. Memories I will keep in my heart and soul forever. As well as the certainty that one day I will come back with my friends to say hello and go to mass in their new church.


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